Parking meters are like cats they are very particular. If you do not snap your quarter into the meter it will not register. They have to be touched the right way. ..or you loose. Which is a person inserting the quarters, I feel a sense of responsibility for the rhythm of the meter, and of guilt if this is done incorrectly. Almost like it is my fault for not snapping this quarter. If the beat is wrong the quarter will not register.

And it does not say BEWARE of RHYTHM of the Meters, these are laid back meters…pause between quarters., and make sure you snap your quarters. No smooth will not work.

If the quarter was eaten by the meter I would call right away ..tell some people that walk by this meter is EATING QUARTERS> Call the .. but since the rhythm was off as other quarters were taken. I now consider that my fault. I did not snap the quarter. My fault.

Also I feel like I now have a relationship with this meter. It has feels. I does not like to be ignores some quarters. Do we really have time for this kind of relationship in Los Angeles?