Alexis is good at making a neutral situation comical.

  •  Detective of human motivation.
  •  Masseuse of the white elephant.
  •  Allergic to redundancy.

Alexis lives in Burbank CA, please don’t stalk her, it makes her feel badly that you remember more about her life than she does.

Born in Boston..ok Winchester…Winchester what? Right so Boston MA.

Studied at ACT in San Fran, Woot woot was a blast.  Groundlings, etc.

You have seen her in nothing that you would remember. This needs to change.

Ending up at Holywood acting studio in Culver City. Can I buy a L? That is actually the name. Vanna sit down.

Came to La to try to uncover the most mind bending parking instructions and fight tickets and learn more about the legal procedures  ..

LA has offered her a playground to do stand up improv and study more human behavior..fascinating.

Alexis is terrible at organizing papers. Do not give her a paper as she finds paper to be sacred and will not be thrown out for years.

Are we all enjoying the endless time of vacation to create new material?