The problem with Texts

The real problem with texting. Is that you can’t say, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”
IT is not the fact that you can make an angry situation worse..and everything your read
has a negative tone. No it is the fact that you can’t get out of a very uncomfortable situation.

And people become like dictators..I texted you. .. ie you are on an umbilical cord. .. to me. You answer to ME. I am your boss. AH HA HA. I texted you. And they give you that look …like your in the principals are needing to now defend yourself. I was taking a shower, was at the ER, My company is merging…etc. Technology has offered us Zero personal space.

The best part of cell phones. is if  your on a phone call and it is not going well you can just say I can’t hear you…and say the persons name really loud. Favorite excuse…you sound like your under water. Or you are getting every 7th word..trying very very hard to pretend you know what they are saying.

The real joy is just hitting END CALL> Really you can do this to Debbie Downers, child support collectors,..for complainers, people that start crying all the time, brat teenagers..and anyone you are in a lawsuit with at the time. And the beauty  one expects you to call back. Before they expected a call back.. Now you can go about your day..with no obligations.

But those texts will be burning  your you stare at them!!!!!!!!!